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Granite countertop pros in Frisco Texas places a high priority on customer service and satisfaction. All of our contractors have been extensively trained to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship to ensure your satisfaction. Our contractors always aim to go above and beyond what you expect. Along with granite, our contractors install marble countertops, quartz countertops, and quartzite countertops.

There are many kitchen countertop options to choose from. Our products are made from quality materials to ensure you receive the best. We have the largest granite and marble shop in Frisco Texas equipped with the most innovative and state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to produce a higher quality product more efficiently, which allows us to offer very competitive granite, marble and quartz cost per square foot prices to our customers.

Our granite contractors work in a large shop. We use high tech equipment that makes the perfect granite and marble cuts for your home. We are not satisfied with sloppy work. The seams need to be precise along the edges of the wall, and the stone or marble needs to be cut to exact measurements. Our Frisco Texas countertop installation team boast three competent crews, and multiple years of experience working alone side the city of Frisco. We will treat your kitchen like its our own.

What we offer

We offer a wide variety of natural granite, quartzite, marble, and engineered quartz to give our Frisco Texas customers a wide variety of countertop options for their kitchen. Our installers have extensive experience working with these materials. We understand that people want to have a high level of confidence in the countertop company they choose. Our Frisco contractors have the craftsmanship and industry knowledge required to do the job at the highest level, every time.

We value customer relationships because we understand that a happy customer means more business for us. A large portion of our business comes on the basis of referrals. We cannot express enough how thankful we are to the Frisco community for trusting us with their kitchens all of these years. At Granite Countertop Pros, our contractors take your kitchen seriously and are determined to earn people’s trust with every project.

Granite Countertop Pros in Frisco, Texas is a design, fabrication and installation company specializing in kitchen countertops. We source natural granite, quartzite, marble, and engineered quartz to provide incredible and durable options to meet the unique design needs of your home kitchen or business. We capitalize on the latest in cutting technology and follow a developed process to deliver a quality finished product for your home. Our granite contractors have been trained and groomed to have top industry knowledge and craftsmanship to meet your new or existing kitchens needs.

granite countertops are a great option for your new build or kitchen renovation

Granite countertops are 100% natural. Granite is formed from hot molten lava that is then cooled, which means these countertops are very durable and can withstand family living for years and years. Granite is available in near limitless amount of colors and can fit pretty much any design preference. 

Our granite contractors will guide you into choosing the best option and style for your kitchen countertop replacement. We will work with you by showing you dozens of options from our Frisco, Tx. granite showroom. We do free in home estimates and look forward to guiding you in your new home or remodeled kitchen.

frisco texas granite countertops

This material somewhat fly’s under the radar, but its just as durable and a solid choice for any kitchen. Contact our Frisco quartzite contractors today.

quartz Countertops

Due to it’s durability and looks, quartz is a great investment for your family and home. Contact our Frisco quartz contractors today.

marble Countertops

Marble is a sophisticated option for your. Like granite, it is elegant and showy. Contact our Frisco marble contractors today.

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Frisco, Tx. is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. It is absolutely thriving with new home divisions and communities. Edgestone Living, Southgate Homes, and The Grove Frisco make up just a few of the beautiful new homes divisions that many Frisco residents are calling home. We are thrilled to be playing a part in this growing community. 

Recognized as one of the best cities to live in the state and country, Frisco invites opportunities for outdoor excursions, sporting involvement, and boast some of the best school systems in America. Whether you are building a new home in Southgate, or remodeling your kitchen with our beautiful selection of marble countertops, we hope you work with our granite contractors in Frisco to make your new home a home worth experiencing. 

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We moved to Frisco, Tx. and didn’t really know who to ask about getting our granite countertops redone. I called granite countertop pros and the rest was taken care of. Highly recommend.

My husband is in construction and was doing our granite countertops himself to save money. He ran into a problem and called granite countertop pros. They walked him through it and asked nothing in return.

If you are getting your kitchen countertops replaced, these guys are the best option in Frisco. The contractors know everything there is to know about granite. My construction friend said they used the right tools.

Frequently asked questions

does granite need to be sealed

Granite countertops do not need to be sealed. However, it may be a necessary precaution to maintain the stones beauty and durability for as long as possible. Not sealing may result in set in stains overtime as your granite countertops may absorb food and liquid permanently.

What color granite goes with white cabinets

There are certain shades of white that require certain shades of granite to bring optimal cohesion in your kitchen. Black granite in a white kitchen will bring contrast and beauty to your home. Beige, tan and brown shades of granite may also work well with off white cabinets.

what is the difference between granite and quartz

Granite is an all natural stone that comes straight from the earth, cut into slabs and polished for your kitchen, while quartz countertops are man made and may contain some natural stone, but is typically infused with pigments to being about color and other minerals.

does granite crack with heat

The granite countertops in your home won’t crack or chip from everyday use since it is quite heat resistant. Well-maintained granite slabs won’t crack or weaken if you place a hot pan on them. Remember that there may be a discoloration of granite if you repeatedly place a hot pan on the same spot. Use caution and take care of your investment.

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